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Our CAD / CAM Systems

Our CAD / CAM Systems
Our integration of CAD/CAM techniques brings with it many advantages. Eliminating traditional measurement taking methods and reducing waiting periods. CAD/CAM also greatly diminished potential for errors and fluctuations in substructure quality.

One of the advantages of CAD/CAM systems is that no loss of time is experienced by both patients and dentists since applications can be completed in one single session. By this means, measurement taking processes as well as other obligations such as temporary crown production, which might lead to a variety of clinical problems, are eliminated too.
Another group that benefits from the advantage of these systems along with patients and dentists is our laboratory technicians. By seeing the work to be performed three dimensionally before it is produced they can form more stable substructures by making necessary adjustments in a digital environment. Discontinuing with the classical method, we have now totally switched to computer aided machine production.

Although production costs are high when CAD/CAM systems are employed, we are currently aiming to carry out our entire substructure production by means of such systems.

By means of our various CAD/CAM systems, we can perform both substructure applications and anatomic works in our laboratory using the materials of CHROMIUM COBALT, TITANIUM and PMMA.