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We also serve as a Milling Center


The dimensions and gypsum models you send are scanned and modeled digitally and the substructure is produced in our milling center.

It is also possible to produce your substructures by performing the scanning and modeling in-lab with you own technicians and then submitting the design file to us by email or via our FTP Server setup for your convenience.

You can specify from among the following materials for our substructure services: Laser Sintered Cr-Co, CAD/CAM Milling of Cr-Co or NOBLETITAN(?), CAD/CAM Milling of Zircon-Fullzircon-PMMA.

Advantages you get:
• The experience our technicians have gained through completing more than 80,000 units per year.
• We employ only the latest systems and technologies to bring you the best possible quality at a moderate price.
• Support from our knowledgeable technical staff.
• We work only with raw materials that are CE certified or have Certificate of Health.
• Fast turnaround times!

Den-Tek 2012 Video


This new product enables us to produce fully Anatomical Crowns and Bridges out of Full Zircon without using Ceramic Powder.

While processes of digital scanning and modelling are almost the same as classical Zircon substructure production, the only difference is that in the digital process a fully anatomical modelling is applied during the modelling process.

Prior to the stoving (sintering) process, there are also some disparities in the coloring process. The desired final color can be obtained by applying the desired color (a range of 16 colors is available) with the help of a brush in different quantities on full zircon cases to different parts of the tooth or bridge.
It is exposed to a longer and higher temperature sintering process compared to the Classical Zircon substructure production.
Following the sintering process, the work is finalized with Glacier and Make-Up only.

Advantages of Full Zircon and recommended areas for its usage:
• Stability of Full Zircon works is higher than regular Zircon substructure works (particularly in side area works).
• It is recommended for cases where bite occlusion and distance problems are present.
• Better than metal works in terms of aesthetic appeal and quality.
• More reasonably-priced than classical Zircon substructure works.

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